Preparing For Mixing



Please use my Hightail Uplink or Dropbox



Provide Info

Song title. Name of artist/group. Number of tracks. Song duration. Your desired final sample and bit rate. Please submit 24 bit wav files if possible. 


Tell me which mix passes or stems that you want. Whether you'd like drum replacement for any of the parts. Describe what you want - the direction of the album. Request any changes you'd already like to make - or where the recorded tracks didn't go where you had hoped. 


Prepare Audio

It is critical that all audio files have the exact same starting point, and that they are continuous, consolidated tracks. I will be working from a completely new daw session. 


Complete any vocal comping unless you'd like to leave that to me. 


Send the raw unprocessed audio files - no compression, EQ, reverbs, delays, mods... no effects of any kind. No AutoTune, unless that's the sound you are after. If it is essential in defining the sound, then send a copy of the raw track, and a copy with your effects. The effects may sound good in the rough mix but I'll need to have control over it so it sounds balanced in the final mix as well. Even if you have had the vocal tuned, I may have use for the untuned track as well. I can use it to form a custom vocal double, or I may need it to swap out any artifacts produced by some tuning programs. 


Additional Files

Lyric sheet. Chord sheet. Mixed meter chart. MIDI tempo map. Midi parts, if you'd like me to add layers or replace your patch sounds. What is the song tempo and key? 


Reference songs, or just write the titles and artist names. Tell me what it is that you like about the reference mixes - be it aesthetic, the vibe, technical production aspects... 





Naras daw Guidelines