Affordable Mastering

While I may specialize in mixing records, this year I’ve decided to begin offering mastering services. I think that I have a lot to offer at this price point -- $30/song.

I’ve been asked to do mastering many times. I enjoy it a lot. I warrantee my work and will do any necessary revisions. If unsatisfied, don't be shy to say so, and I'll provide a full refund. At the end of the day I just want to make the artist happy. I am a very easy going guy. 

The process is not some fixed plugin-chain or an automated process. I can go big, wide, and loud -- in a way that is idiomatically appropriate. I’m happy to work with bands on low budget projects, and give close attention to detail for each song, with an ear for the overall flow of the album or EP. Also I am very happy to help songwriters get their demos to shine. 

Free sample: Full mp3 (320) preview of your first track.