Mixing Philosophy

I feel well suited at a job that combines art and technology. It’s a great opportunity to be creative. I use sonic ideas that support the emotion of the song while retaining the dynamics. I help the musicians shine and make the singer sound like a star. 

I am a professional musician and use assistants who are musicians. We aren’t making audiobooks here...

It is about creating an auralscape - using depth, space, movement, and separation. I want to bring out the drama or emotion that can’t be created with a strictly realistic sound.

I take the time to listen to every track, to envision how to utilize every opportunity. 



Performance Editing


I can handle any needed audio restoration.


Drum Replacement

Fix any problems without going back into the studio. Too much bleed, or the wrong tuning? I have an extensive sample collection.


Manual Pitch Correction

I am a highly experienced editor. It can be done transparently retaining your personality, without flattening intentional note slides. I can control vibrato, pitch drift, and formant. I don't apply the same setting over an entire performance. I have all of the best tuning programs. 


Rhythm Correction

For correcting clear mistakes, or for simply making the groove tighter. Aligning the vocal harmonies can maximize their impact. I am often the designated editor for other studios.



I do not charge fees for revision rounds unless the requested revisions are due to factors out of my control (i.e. re-recorded vocals, new instruments, new arrangement, etc.) 


When the mix is ready I will send you a link to the mix so you can listen, comment, and make requests. I will then adjust the mix accordingly. This process repeats until you’re happy, so you have the luxury to live with it for a while. Check it out on different speakers, in your car, and so on, before committing to a final mix. 



Four mix passes are included. Instrumental, a cappella, TV mix, vocal up, vocal down. “Clean”, or any other specialized mixes can be done. Additional versions/stems, perhaps for future remixing, are available at additional cost.



"Full mix without the Drum Set", "Guitars only", "Keyboards and Guitars only" etc...

A "Clean" edit for replacing explicit language with silence, sound fx, reverse effects, etc...

TV Mix, or Performance Track pass, is used for live vocal performances without a live band. The lead vocal is muted. All background vocals remain in the song. Lead vocal doubles are optional.


A Full Session Stem is when each track is printed (exported) individually through all of its processing. This is done in order to retain all of the processing gear used during the mixing process. A fully stemmed out session will enable you to import all of the 'stems' of your session (kick, snare, keyboard, lead vocal, bgd vocal, etc...) into your DAW while retaining the most of actual mix work of the song without needing any of the gear or plugins that the engineer used. This is useful for live shows, changing the mix if desired, and just having your song fully tracked out.  


Instant Recall of a Mix

If you want changes to a mix, it's an easy for me to quickly pull it back up. 

We have the ability to mix several songs at once. Let's say that you have me doing a 10-song project for you. We can mix all of the songs, let you live with it and listen to the mixes for a week or two. Then come back and put the finishing touches on each mix before printing final passes.