Mixing The Song



a creative & collaborative experience 


** Update **
I have hopped on the bandwagon and moved to Nashville. I am in a great room and have upgraded the studio. It's cozy & funky here. The room is not aurally bright, but it's not dead either. We are located on the south side of Nashville International Airport, right by the lake. 

In August 2017 I had a mix on CMT's Nashville Season 5, Episode 22. I mixed and produced Broken Pieces - EP for Suitable Victims (March 2017). I'm very proud to have also produced and engineered the latest Tom Goss album, What Doesn't Break

I mixed "Summer Of Fun" for Chris Ray Dunn & Elle Bijet. It was featured (March 2015) on ABC's American Crime. I mixed Xavier & Ophelia's "Falling Down" which was the winner of the 2013 John Lennon Songwriting Contest - Best Electronica Song. The song was also featured this year on ABC's Pretty Little Liars. My clients also include The Melting Popsicles, Dave Tough, Klank, and Lauren Winans. Discogs link. 


I have a digital/analog hybrid studio in a professionally treated soundproof room. I mix in-the-box with outboard gear. I have the ears and the tools to make digital tracks sound lively, thick and appealing. 

As a freelance mixer I focus on one thing, the mix. You are paying for my ears, my gear, my perspective, and my ability to deliver a great mix. It's about musical taste.  

My mixing style can be characterized as spotlighting the unique voice of the artist, and to serve the emotional intent of the song. I can deliver the major label sound. You hear all the musical elements while retaining dynamics and depth.

Presently a member of the Audio Engineering Society. 



Gear List


Genelec 8010A monitors, Yamaha HS80M, KRK 10S sub, QSC K10, Antelope Orion 32, Focusrite OctoPre MK II, the Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT analog summing box. We can do 192k. Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live. East West and Native Instruments sample libraries.

Mics: AT 4047 LCM, Beyerdynamic M 88 TG, Senheiser e945, SM57. 

Roland Fantom XR, Roland XP60 keyboard, American Fender Jazz bass, Line6 Pod HD500, VocalLive TC Helicon, Zoom H4, Marantz PMD510 Dual Cassette Deck, AudioTechnica Turntable LP120-USB. Music stands, lamps. 

Slate plugins, Waves, SoundToys, iZotope, Celemony Melodyne, Antares AutoTune, Lexicon, McDSP, Eventide, Softube, Sonnox, Kush...and many more.