Mixing The Song



a creative & collaborative experience 


In August 2017 I had a mix on CMT's Nashville Season 5, Episode 22. I mixed and produced Broken Pieces - EP for Suitable Victims (March 2017). I'm very proud to have also produced and engineered the latest Tom Goss album, What Doesn't Break

I mixed "Summer Of Fun" for Chris Ray Dunn & Elle Bijet. It was featured (March 2015) on ABC's American Crime. I mixed Xavier & Ophelia's "Falling Down" which was the winner of the 2013 John Lennon Songwriting Contest - Best Electronica Song. The song was also featured this year on ABC's Pretty Little Liars. My clients also include The Melting Popsicles, Dave Tough, Klank, and Lauren Winans. Discogs link. 


I have a digital/analog hybrid studio in a professionally treated soundproof room. I mix in-the-box with outboard gear. I have the ears and the tools to make digital tracks sound lively, thick and appealing. 

As a freelance mixer I focus on one thing, the mix. You are paying for my ears, my gear, my perspective, and my ability to deliver a great mix. It's about musical taste.  

My mixing style can be characterized as spotlighting the unique voice of the artist, and to serve the emotional intent of the song. I can deliver the major label sound. You hear all the musical elements while retaining dynamics and depth.

Presently a member of the Audio Engineering Society. 



Gear List


Genelec 8010A monitors, Yamaha HS80M, KRK 10S sub, QSC K10, Antelope Orion 32, Focusrite OctoPre MK II, the Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT analog summing box. We can do 192k. Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live. East West and Native Instruments sample libraries.

Mics: AT 4047 LCM, Beyerdynamic M 88 TG, Senheiser e945, SM57. 

Roland Fantom XR, Roland XP60 keyboard, American Fender Jazz bass, Line6 Pod HD500, VocalLive TC Helicon, Zoom H4, Marantz PMD510 Dual Cassette Deck, AudioTechnica Turntable LP120-USB. Music stands, lamps. 

Slate plugins, Waves, SoundToys, iZotope, Celemony Melodyne, Antares AutoTune, Lexicon, McDSP, Eventide, Softube, Sonnox, Kush...and many more.